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Money Saving Car Maintenance Tips

Unplanned spending on your car repairs could really put a damper to your vacation savings plans you have, but a few money saving maintenance tips would really help in giving you shelter from rainy days, and guess what, you don't need to be a pro while you are at it.

• Use weather appropriate tires

if you live in an area where it snows in winter, chances are that ice would form on the roads regardless of snow plow or salting activity. Ice forming on the road can create dangerous driving Where car tires lose traction when the road is slippery. This could lead to accidents on the road. A way to avoid this would be to use weather appropriate tires for instance in the case of snow; Snow tires.
Be sure to check the threading of your tires from time to time to make sure it’s not worn. Also make sure that your tires are appropriately pressurized. The recommended car tire pressure readings can be found on the inner part of your door or on the tire itself, you can also refer to the owners manual if some things are not clear to you.

• Brake checks
Brake checks are very, very important so you're driving and safety, should anything be wrong with the braking system, It could be dangerous. Now, you do not need to dismantle you're braking system or brake pad to give it a check, what you could do however is while your car is parked, try to press down on your brake pedal, If it gives a grinding or wobbly feel, then your brakes are due for a check or change, in fact it’s best not to drive in the condition.
Also while the car is moving slowly [ say, in the parking lot] press down on the brake pedal, the car should be brought to a stop in the shortest possible distance. Also do check your hydraulic fluid from time to time and top it Up if it goes low. Don’t let it get too low. If you also notice screeching sounds when you try t brake, It will mean that your brake pads are wearing out and are due for a change.

• Fluid checks
Aside from gasoline, your car requires quite a number of fluids to function properly and some fluids may need scheduled changes depending on your use, but just to be safe or avoid on planned spending you should check this fluid levels in your car regularly. Most fluid containers in the car such as the coolant, windscreen washing fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid are very visible with markings on the body indicating maximum and minimum fluid levels. For safe operation, you could do a quick check on these every once in awhile.

With these few easy maintenance tips, you should be on your way to saving yourself from unplanned spending and saving your way to that well deserved vacation.

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